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Full Name Charles Dunn
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Book Title The Seventh Star
Book Description It’s another night in Santa Fe for horse breeder Hub
Johnson when he walks into a hotel ballroom to attend a party hosted
by Anton Gorbacheck, the leader of the Homeland. The year is 2055 and
the world’s supply of oil was squandered thirty years earlier. The
United States no longer exists and the state of New Mexico is run by
the Green Party, an authoritarian dictatorship intent on expelling all
immigrants who are a threat to the purity and integrity of the state.

At the party, Hub is stunned to see Olivia Wright seated
at the head table next to the leader of the Homeland. Three years
earlier Hub had met Olivia at a horse sale and had fallen deeply in
love. On the day they were to leave for Hub’s ranch to begin their
life together, Olivia disappeared without a trace. Her sudden
reappearance in Hub’s life reopens old wounds and sets Hub on a
journey that will reveal his dark past as a hired killer and his
unending search for the three men who killed his parents when he was
ten years old.

When Olivia and her new husband Landry
Wright are arrested by the Homeland for engaging in unauthorized
political activity, Hub reunites with Olivia, forging a temporary deal
with Anton that saves Olivia but leaves Landry in prison. Searching
for a way to help her husband, Olivia tries to save Landry from almost
certain death at the hands of the Green Party without destroying her
rekindled love for Hub. As the love between Hub and Olivia deepens,
the choices they are forced to make changes their lives forever.

In an effort to help Olivia save Landry, Hub enlists the help of
his two best friends Chato Morales and sixty five year old Hank
Edwards. Together they craft a risky scheme to blackmail Anton and his
political benefactor Dr. James Meredith into freeing Landry from
prison. But before they can put their plan into place, Anton demands
that Hub use his skills as a hired killer to murder Dr. Meredith’s
wife so that Dr. Meredith is free to marry his mistress. Hub is
forced to find a way to save Landry without resorting to becoming a
killer again. Balancing a second chance at finding love with Olivia
and a sense of duty to restore democracy to New Mexico, Hub discovers
the reason behind his parents death and the incredible sacrifice they
made for him.

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